Jim Trussas Award

Ryan Lundquist from the Sacramento Chapter is the recepient of the 2017 Trussas Award!

Why Ryan?

If you are involved in real estate in the Sacramento Region, there's a very good chance you've heard of Ryan Lundquist's blog http://sacramentoappraisalblog.com/. Ryan has written articles for real estate agents, appraisers, and the general public since 2009. He is the go to person for the local media for real estate and is receiving mentions in national media, too. He's famous locally and nationwide for his monthly Sacramento regional market roundup with 70+ graphs free to share. Ryan is a leader in social media marketing and teaches classes to appraisers and other real estate market participants nationwide. Just like all of the previous Trussas Award winners, Ryan gives back to the industry way more than he takes. 

Past Recepients

Trussas Award Winners
2010 Tinna Morlatt and Bill McKnight

Corina Rollins

2012 Ken Hunsinger
2013 Vicki Keeler
2014 Jim Bellavance
2015 Don Machholz
2016 Phyllis Hess

Why the Jim Trussas Award?

The Jim Trussas Commerative plaque is awarded to the appraiser that has given back to our industry and set the high standards that REAA aspires to. This award is given annually.  The Jim Trussas Award is in honor of REAA’s first president.  The Sacramento Chapter remembers Jim as the guy that always wore the tie.  He was a true professional who represented our industry with the highest standards.  Jim lived in Redding and drove 3 hours each month to the dinner meetings in Sacramento.  Although his daughter lived in Sacramento and he would visit her, he also made time to visit OREA.  He met Greg Harding and John Brenan and over lunches they developed the idea to have REAA offer educational credits for the dinner meetings.

Jim was a true ambassador for REAA.  From Jerry Jolly, Tony Majewski, Bob Clark, and now Jim Martin, REAA has maintained a good working relationship with OREA.  Although Jim Trussas passed away before he could see the opening of more chapters, he was instrumental in their development.  Jim Trussas played a pivotal role in introducing the idea of REAA to future chapter leaders in the North Bay and East Bay.  Victor Valley morphed from Sacramento member Phyllis Hess.