REAA Sacramento Board of Directors

Founded 2009


From left: Xavier Escareno, Ken Hunsinger, Bill McKnight, Joe Lynch, Bob Campbell, Andrea Silva, Marla, Smotherman, Brian Melsheimer, Rob Perez, Jeff Hall, Gary Muma 
Not Photoed: Ryan Lundquist, Alexis Grey

2019 Officers

Joe Lynch
(530) 304-8471

Joe is a certified residential appraiser with more than 16 years experience valuing properties in the Sacramento region and outer northern San Francisco Bay Area.  Before entering the appraisal field, he worked as a business analyst at a large music and video distribution company and was a consultant for Microsoft's public sector sales division.  He has developed several classes for appraisers and is looking forward to more teaching in 2019.  He is an affiliate member of the Yolo Board of Realtors and Northern Solano County Association of Realtors.  When not appraising, Joe bikes, camps, backpacks, and watches Manchester United soccer games.



Brian Melsheimer
Vice President

(530) 632-3428

Brian Melsheimer is a Certified Real Estate Appraiser and owner of Sierra Nevada Appraisal Group in Grass Valley, CA.  He attended Sonoma State University, earning a B.S. degree in Economics with an emphasis in Microeconomics and Econometrics.  Brian began as an appraisal trainee in 2003, becoming licensed in 2005.  His passion and knack for the business grew and he worked his way to a Certified Residential Appraisal License in 2006.  He became FHA Certified in 2008 and obtained a position on the VA Appraisal panel in 2016.  When he's not appraising, Brian enjoys backpacking, hiking, woodworking, and spending time with his family and golden retriever, Pliny.


Alexis Grey
(916) 396-2664

Alexis is a third-generation real estate professional with 15 years experience in real property valuation. Her appraisal background intersects with related fields of design, historical preservation and realty sales. She completed her undergraduate studies at UC Davis in Interior Architecture and has experience in space planning and programming for commercial and institutional buildings. Alexis also holds a CA Real Estate Broker license. Her current focus in real estate involves complex rural properties in the Sierra Foothill region. Favorite pastimes include hiking, learning, cooking and Kundalini yoga.

Andrea Silva

Andrea started her career in the real estate field in 2005 after obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from Sacramento State University.  Currently a Certified Residential Appraiser with extensive review experience, Andrea also holds a California Real Estate Salesperson License and is a member of the Placer County Association of Realtors.  Andrea lives in Sacramento in North Natomas and her business covers the Greater Sacramento Area.  When not working, Andrea enjoys relaxing, traveling and spending time with her dog, family and friends.


Board of Directors

  Email Work # Website
Bob Campbell (916) 989-3144  
Xavier Escareno (916) 425-2073  
Jeffrey Hall (530) 432-6370  
Ken Hunsinger (916) 482-1110
Ryan Lundquist (916) 595-3735
Bill McKnight (916) 743-7085
Gary Muma (916) 521-5949
Rob Perez (916) 780-5959
Marla Smotherman (916) 719-9891  

Committees & Chairpersons

Budget Committee

Chairperson: Andrea Silva

Members: Rob Perez, Joe Lynch

Corporate Relations Committee

Chairperson: Bill McKnight

Members: Joe Lynch, Rob Perez

Education & Programs Committee

Chairperson: Bill McKnight

Members: Sacramento Chapter Board Members

Facilities and Reservations

Chairperson: Joe Lynch

Members: Jeff Hall, Marla Smotherman, Rob Perez

Marketing and Benefits

Chairperson: Gary Muma

Members: Ryan Lundquist, Andrea Silva

Member Relations

Chairperson: Marla Smotherman

Members: Alexis Grey

Membership and Elections

Chairperson: Bob Campbell

Members: Jeff Hall, Xavier Escareno

Political Action Committee

Chairperson: Bill McKnight

Members: Ken Hunsinger, Brian Melsheimer

Strategic Planning

Chairperson: Joe Lynch

Members: Bill McKnight, Ryan Lundquist, Rob Perez, Gary Muma, Andrea Silva

Web Site Committee

Chairperson: Xavier Escareno

Members: Andrea Silva, Brian Melsheimer, Alexis Grey


Glen, Rob, Bill and Xavier after a board meeting

Group at House of Oliver, December Strategy Planning Meeting


              Rob and Xavier                                                   Brian, Bob and Ryan


Joe, Bill and Alexis                                                  Bill, Bob and Joe


                      Rob being Rob